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wall fish tank...

wall fish tanks are built directly into the walls of your home and can look absolutely fantastic. if you've ever seen one you will know exactly what we mean. indeed they can be the most stunning, attractive and impressive feature in your whole house.

who buys wall fish tanks...

once upon a time it tended to be the rich or real fish enthusiasts, but these days wall fish tanks are becoming increasingly popular across the board as people realise they not only make a wonderful feature to your home, but can also add value to it. indeed, in addition to all the pleasure you will get from it yourself a wall fish tank can be a great selling point when the time eventually comes to sell your house.


how do i get one ?
it's a specialist job installing a wall fish tank, but you can find a specialist on our useful resources page

what are the costs ...
it depends on what tank you want, what size, what wall and your exact requirements. the supplier on our resources page should be able to advise you and give you a quotation.

are they easy to maintain?
while you obviously need the basics, once everything is set up they are usually very easy to maintain, and the supplier should not only be able to set everything up for you but advise you.



wall fish tank

wall fish tank

* - Photographs courtesy of Aquarian Architecture - please click here to contact them.




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